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August 7, 2011

The first 30% of my business plan in 18 minutes!

August 2011 – OTB Marketing Bookclub's Read

Okay, so I figured I would take on the 1 hr challenge….bring it on Joe Calhoon! If you have not joined the OTB Marketing & Design book club – It is not too late! However, in the next hour I might share spoilers. Can you do that with business books? Sorry, gonna spoil the ending here…. your SUCCESS, if you do the WORK!

Love the way the book is set up, you can skip and do the exercises or read proof, case studies, and Joe’s theory on why you need to do said exercises. For this challenge, I have decided to “short cut” it through. Joe gives you time frames for each chapter exercise and I have made it my goal to follow his lead. (Which if I make it, it will be surprising, since I am an over thinker and tend to take instructions and add my own… what else can I do, to make the results better than what they expect?)

I have to admit I read the Introduction first….which is where Joe explains how the book works. Introduction and Chapter One – 5 minutes. (I peaked and thumbed through a few of the Chapters to see what he was explaining)

So, because I read in Chapter One the real work begins in Chapter Three, I quickly skimmed Chapter Two. I read it quickly, but I get the gist of Joe’s message, his writing style is easy to read and he has a way of making you want to forget the short cut and read it all. Which if I wasn’t challenging myself to do this in an hour, I definitely would be reading cover to cover.

Chapter Three – Vision – What Big Goal Will Inspire You and Your Team? He says you can do this in 6 minutes. He is right! I did it in less than 6 minutes!! (I actually did it twice, once for OTB Marketing & Design and again, for this book club!)

Here is what I came up with for the book club:

A leading provider of inspiration for goal oriented small business entrepreneurs, globally.

and for OTB Marketing & Design:

A trusted leader of result driven graphic design & web development solutions for passionate small and growing businesses, internationally.


Chapter Four – The Customer-Centered Mission Statement - Another 6 minutes and I have succeeded again! Gosh I feel good. This is a very positive exercise. I am ready to conquer the world!

For the book club:

Helping entreprenuers stay focused, inspiring them not only to read marketing and business books,but to implement them with results.

For OTB Marketing & Design:

Helping our customers promote their business with professional quality material designed to attract and secure more clients.


Chapter Five – Values – What Standards Will Help Your Team Enjoy Working Together? Yes..another 6 minutes to complete your Values. I found this one tougher and took the complete 6 minutes for both the book club and OTB Marketing Graphics & Design. I found this exercise more difficult because I had a hard time choosing which of the values listed I want our club and business to be known for. Really…I quickly realized, you can’t represent them all effectively and although I may not put a value on my list, doesn’t mean I will advocate the opposite.LOL

So here goes…for the club:

Dedicated to: Empowerment, Excellence, Fun, Generosity

(Meaning I will take personal action to achieve an agreed upon result; giving power and authority to club members for their own success, I will engage my best efforts for the success of the organization, in a fostered environment of playfulness and enjoyment, giving freely of my time, talent and treasure)

and for OTB Marketing & Design:

Integrity, Honesty, Passion, Creativity and Teamwork

(Meaning we will do what we say and adhere to ethical principles, telling the truth, being frank and sincere in all situations, demonstrating a strong fondness and enthusiasm for the work we do, producing original ideas and thoughts, bringing into existence something new while working together in development, problem solving and achievement to accomplish a shared purpose with our clients.)


I am going to keep going…(breaking for a cuppa tea though!) …Joe says we are 30% finished our Business Plan. Wow!

About the Author

Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks is a Marketing Coach and Director of Marketing & National Accounts for the CSP International Business Training Academy, a company who is recognized for excellence in training for new and experienced real estate home stagers. Angela is also the owner of OTB Marketing & Design a worldwide graphic and web development company whose team, specializes in taking the project one thought (or more) beyond the design. Angela is the author of Success of Marketing, a workbook used in business programs across North America. Angela’s marketing technique, through coaching, teleclasses, and workshops have been instrumental in the growth of many small businesses since 2001. Her experience includes: High exposure branding, product development, cross promotion, internet marketing, advertising and course development.



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