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July 17, 2011

Get Social, Get Business!

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Written by: Angela Brooks
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The days when “being social” meant going to loads of parties, and making connections by mingling are being out done by the online social scene. It was once that business owners needed to spend time and money being out in the community, attending events and making an appearance to be noticed by their community peers as experts or the “go to” person within their industry.

Today online social media is taking a leading role and even the usually classed recluses are able to even the business playing field when it comes to connecting and meeting new people. In your pajamas, drinking a cuppa tea (or preferred beverage) business owners can reach out to thousands of potential clients. They can establish a relationship; create a reputation of being an expert and gain business with the stroke of the keyboard.
If you have attended any of my marketing classes, it is likely you have heard of the 3 B’s of my marketing philosophy: Be There, Be an Expert and Be Referred.
It is my thought that if you are excelling in each of these “B’s” you will have more business than you can handle. If you don’t …you’re not excelling in one of these areas.

Online social networking affects each B category in a positive way.

Be There:
When you choose the right online social networking vehicle for your industry, you will find people are looking for you. Gone are the days when people pick up the phone book to look for a product or service. They are looking online because they can get more information for their time invested. They can see the product they are looking for, they can research what others are saying about a particular service and they can do it 24/7. They can even inquire on their own time via email, rather than business hours by phone.

Be an Expert:
When you provide useful and relevant information in a non car salesman way via online networking, (such as articles, book reviews, interesting website links etc.) people on your social networking list will realize when they have a question, concern or a need regarding your product or service, they will come to you for the answer, because you have already shown you know what you are talking about in your postings.

Be Referred:
This is where social networking really kicks up the heat over face to face networking. When you build relationships and people trust you, they will refer you to others.
With the click of a button, introductions are easily made within Twitter, Facebook and other online networks.

Social networking allows you to be constantly in contact, without being obtrusive with potential clients.

1.    Post relevant, quality content that your readers will enjoy.
2.    Build relationships, rather than constantly trying to sell.
3.    Be consistent and professional – ALWAYS.

The Power of Networking:
Recently a friend of mine got VIP tickets to a premiere Ultimate Fighting Championship, not because he knew someone who had tickets but because someone knew him and followed him on his Twitter account. They had never met before that night.


About the Author

Angela Brooks
Angela Brooks is a Marketing Coach and Director of Marketing & National Accounts for the CSP International Business Training Academy, a company who is recognized for excellence in training for new and experienced real estate home stagers. Angela is also the owner of OTB Marketing & Design a worldwide graphic and web development company whose team, specializes in taking the project one thought (or more) beyond the design. Angela is the author of Success of Marketing, a workbook used in business programs across North America. Angela’s marketing technique, through coaching, teleclasses, and workshops have been instrumental in the growth of many small businesses since 2001. Her experience includes: High exposure branding, product development, cross promotion, internet marketing, advertising and course development.



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