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August 6, 2012

A Few Thoughts Re: Google Quality Content (Part 1)…

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Written by: JoeSoltis
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When analyzing the content of a page and/or article, Google incorporates the use of quality filters.

What is a Quality Filter?  The simple answer is evaluating the quality of a page or article.  What questions does Google ask to assess the quality of a page or an article?  I have found numerous points of reference and generally, there are a couple dozen questions, of which I will address a few at a time per post.

Is the page/article information trustworthy? 

Everyone has an opinion – most reliable sources are direct in how and why they are reporting.  Books are considered more trustworthy due to their stability – online articles can be edited at any given moment while a book is published with a specific identifiable time and date.

Is this article written by an expert or is it shallow in content? 

We could see if the article provides a list of sources; is published by a reputable research organization; and/or a respected professor at a reputable university.  Peer-reviewed articles are trustworthy.

Does the site have duplicate, overlapping, or redundant articles on the same or similar topics with slightly different keyword variations? 

Pages and articles with duplicity and redundancy will likely be demoted in search rankings. Page #1 sites are pushed down several spots, perhaps several pages – being replaced with sites that are rich with quality, original content.

How can we apply this to our Web Pages and articles?  Different people absorb information differently – perhaps through the About Us page; Testimonials; or Products/Services.  We should think about supplemental methods of communicating our message to increase the odds the message is received by your audience.  Redundant Web Page navigation systems and task completion (such as ordering products) will help our visitors find their way and achieve their (and our) goals.

Another suggestion is to discuss and eliminate any redundancy in the programming code wherever possible with your Web Page developer – doing so will improve system performance and maintainability.

Again, these are just a few suggestions – clearly there are others who will have differing opinions.  I will try my best to forward a supplemental article within the next couple days highlighting a few more questions.  For now, I hope this helps and as always, I encourage input and comments…

About the Author

Joe Soltis is the Owner of Soltis Consulting - a full service business and computer consulting firm specializing in assisting the small business target market in developing streamlined business operations using systematic processes and automated system implementation. With over 25 years of business experience on both the corporate and private sectors, Joe and his firm will help with overseeing the day-to-day operations of their clients' businesses as well as the integration of internal components of the business as well as focusing on the techniques and tools needed to develop new business.



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